Kauai Hiking Tour Guide - Recommended by Lonely Planet

Waialeale Blue Hole

Waialeale River Hike and Waterfalls Galore:


Heading to the wall


This magical hike into the heart of Kauai along the Wailua River up to the beginning of the headwaters, has to be one of the most spectacular river hikes you can undergo.  Its challenging on all levels.  Long hike, rock hopping nearly all the way until you reach the back wall of waterfalls and pools.  Eight miles round trip taking about 10 hours of, on the move hiking.  Special foot ware is definitely required and a 4WD vehicle that takes an hour to get you to the trail head.  For sure a unforgettable experience.  Keeping watch on the waterfalls and rising water levels to really important.  This area can flash flood.  Experienced knowledge of this area is definitely to your advantage.  But its a Wow all the way there and all the way back.

Ditch Trail in Kokee

Rainbows over Koke’e

Rainbows over Kokee. Ditch Trail illuminates.












On the edge of a beautiful Waimea Canyon trail in Kokee, you will find this rim view full of water falls and often rainbows, with views of the spectacular canyon in many directions.  See old Koa trees at their biggest and best.  Certain areas of this trail were protected by the last hurricane and have old trees still standing.  Need a 4WD for this adventure.  That I have.

Rainbows galore on the ditch trail overlook













Outstanding spot to see rainbows in all directions with cliff and canyon views in all directions.  A jewel of Kokee is this spot and only a fairly short hike along the ridge.


Nic on the edge of Ditch Trail



Hanakapiai Falls North Shore Kauai

Hanakapiai Falls – Kalalau Trail Kauai

Taken from the cave


Reaching this 300 foot waterfall is worth every step.  Beginning on the Kalalau Trail north shore of Kauai, you commence at Kee Beach which is an excellent snorkeling spot and especially enjoyable after this hike.  8 miles round trip you begin the first 2 miles along the Napali coast to Hanakapiai Beach.  Can be a treacherous spot in the winter for swimming, not recommended.  But in the summer you can visit caves and swim with caution as always, watching for currents.   After crossing the river, you then head inland for 2 miles until you reach the falls, crossing many streams and feeling the history unfold as you see Hawaiian stone walls and feel the ancient heritage in this glorious valley.  A huge pool sits at the base of this waterfall, freezing and often windy from the cascading waterfall, worth a dip for sure.  Jump in.

The Beginning

Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific


Discover the vast array of hiking trails in the Canyon, from the valley floor to high in the Waialeale Alakai swamp.  From dry red dirt to lush grey mud and green swamp plateaus.  To views across the mountains to the oceans, always different, always spectacular, always a joy discovering the infinite ways Kauai shows off her beauty.  Come join me on a Hike Kauai Adventure Tour.  And this is just the beginning.