About Me

About Me

Jeffrey Courson

“Lonely Planets recommended hiking guide for Kaua’i”

After arriving on Kauai back in the 70’s, I began exploring this wonder of nature. No matter where I went on this island I found inspiration, beauty and connection. This journey of discovering Kauai’s treasures inspired me to share these experiences and open up the opportunity for others to discover that connection for themselves. While giving hiking and kayaking tours, I notice how nature enhances people’s tendencies towards discovering fresh perspectives, those ah-ha moments.

If I wanted to highlight the major turning points of my life where experience strongly influenced my future, the first would be a car accident I had when I was 16. I had a near death experience which placed me unconscious for 5 days. Since then my view of life has deepened, yearning to encompass a broader understanding of this existence. My ideas of “success” shifted to a more inclusive model of love and acceptance within a sustainable environment.

As a wine Sommelier and fine dining waiter for 40 years, I found that addressing people as they are in the moment allowed for the best flow for all concerned, and created a heightened experience.

My life studies in Human Design, Gene Keys, Matrix Energetics, Communications, Psychology, Philosophy, Health and Spirituality have helped me realize an affiliation with loving kindness, attentiveness, understanding, patience, intuition, peace, compassion, enthusiasm and respect. I create an atmosphere where you can relax and be yourself with no expectation.  So lets get out there and have some fun on this beautiful island of Kaua’i.

 ♥    Aloha Jeffrey