Hanakapiai Falls North Shore Kauai

Hanakapiai Falls North Shore Kauai

Hanakapiai Falls – Kalalau Trail Kauai

Taken from the cave


Reaching this 300 foot waterfall is worth every step.  Beginning on the Kalalau Trail north shore of Kauai, you commence at Kee Beach which is an excellent snorkeling spot and especially enjoyable after this hike.  8 miles round trip you begin the first 2 miles along the Napali coast to Hanakapiai Beach.  Can be a treacherous spot in the winter for swimming, not recommended.  But in the summer you can visit caves and swim with caution as always, watching for currents.   After crossing the river, you then head inland for 2 miles until you reach the falls, crossing many streams and feeling the history unfold as you see Hawaiian stone walls and feel the ancient heritage in this glorious valley.  A huge pool sits at the base of this waterfall, freezing and often windy from the cascading waterfall, worth a dip for sure.  Jump in.

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